Our innovative platform matches heart failure patients with clinical trials that best suit their needs and requirements.

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At CardioTrials, we believe that everybody should have access to the services that will prove the best results. Through innovation research and experience, we successfully match patients with their ideal clinics.

We believe in putting patients at the centre of essential research, making the process easy and productive for all concerned, assisting the powering of clinical trials as they were intended.

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I am excited that patients with heart failure can now volunteer to be a part of clinical trials. In the UK we are testing many new promising treatments for heart failure. Conducting trials alongside patients is a huge advance.

Mark Petrie, Professor of Cardiology, University of Glasgow


  • Democratising clinical trials to patients and Healthcare Professionals
  • Bringing patients and researchers together
  • Giving everybody the opportunity to get involved with medical research
  • Producing results, quickly, easily and in a non-intrusive, efficient way
  • Reducing invalid research studies and delays in outcomes
  • Bringing clinical research outcomes into policy decisions with downstream benefit to patients
  • Raising the overall profile of essential medical research
  • Bringing economic benefit to the UK economy through increased participation in essential medical research
  • Improving treatment and care for future generations

Helping the Heart Failure community

Heart Failure is a serious condition and is something that, unfortunately, up to 1 million people in the UK and approximately 64 million people worldwide suffer from. At CardioTrials, our innovative platform and dedicated team are here to help patients find the care and support that they need and deserve. Our platform is run by The Pumping Marvellous Foundation.

87.3% of patients surveyed in July 2020 had never been approached to take part in a clinical trial for their heart failure.

- Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Founder, The Pumping Marvellous Foundation

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Developed with assistance from the University of Glasgow - Robertson Centre for Biostatistics.

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