A host of benefits for patients, researchers, healthcare professionals and funders

As a person living with heart failure, I was horrified that critical clinical trials seem not able to recruit participants efficiently. The impact of this was that trials were either delayed or did not have the statistical significance to influence positive change for people living with a cardiovascular condition.
Nick Hartshorne-Evans, Founder, The Pumping Marvellous Foundation

Benefits for Patients

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  • Makes it easy for patients to get involved with medical research
  • Increases opportunities for patients to engage with clinical trials
  • Enables patients to make a difference to the future treatments and care available for their condition in generations to come
  • Puts the patient in better control of their destiny
  • Gives the patient the power to have a positive impact on their own quality of life and that of others
  • Contributes to progress in healthcare impacting everyone
  • Helps to break down barriers to participation in medical research for the general patient population
  • Has the potential, through patient participation, to influence ground breaking and life changing outcomes
  • Can help taking back control of your condition and influencing your own choices
  • Accessing optimised care if successful in joining a clinical trial
  • Puts you at the centre of medical research
  • Your involvement helps in raising the importance and relevance of medical research
  • Helps patients improve their understanding of what is involved in a clinical trial

Benefits for Researchers

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  • Facilitates and expedites patient recruitment to your medical research
  • Enhances recruitment to essential medical research
  • Connects you to similar minded researchers
  • Built in networking with Healthcare Professionals to highlight availability of clinical trials
  • Connect directly with the right patients without relying on traditional methods
  • Adds value into your existing outreach programme reducing reliance on traditional single channel methods
  • Complements current options and traditional methods already in use for patient acquisition
  • Enables you to power your trial in line with your stakeholder expectations
  • Has a positive impact on the statistical relevance of clinical trials bringing your outcomes to help influence real world policy
  • Enables you to focus on the research
  • Shines a spotlight on the UK as a great place for clinical trials to take place

Healthcare Professionals

  • Improves links with researchers to increase knowledge and awareness of essential medical research
  • Gives Healthcare Professionals the confidence to discuss clinical trials with their patients and progress patients’ care
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  • Increases the possibility of your project having optimised outcomes
  • Optimises your investment in essential research
  • Helps your trial to be cost effective
  • Creates a movement of change for participation in medical research
  • Sets your funded projects up for success

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