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We work tirelessly to match patients with medical research trials that are uniquely tailored for their needs

CardioTrials is a revolutionary digital platform that grants patients the opportunity to partake in clinical trials that they’re most suitable for. It means people can contribute to medical research in whichever way they like.

The platform allows patients to browse a wide variety of options available. From there, they can choose the clinical trial, view the relevant information and contact the medical researcher. The level of depth ensures only relevant matches are made for you.

For research to be carried out effectively and successfully, the patient should always be centric to the trial. And that’s exactly what we do at CardioTrials - we put patients first so that the process is efficient, productive and comfortable for all involved.

Register & complete your patient profile

Once you’ve registered as a patient, we’re going to need to know a little more about you so we can show you the most relevant and suitable trials. The details include a little insight into your medical history and some other personal details. Plus, we note down your trial preferences too - that way, you’re always in control of what trials will be presented to you based on the data you provided.

You needn’t worry about your information, it’s strictly confidential and is stored safely in the system. If you need to change any of the information you’ve given, you can do this at any time. Perhaps a change of address or trial preferences, don’t worry, as we’ve said, you’re always in control of your own profile.

Protecting patients and keeping them in control are two of our main priorities. Research teams don’t have access to our patients’ database and personal information, they’ll only be allowed to see the patients that have expressed a clear interest in aiding with their chosen trials.

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We are passionate about advocating for patients, improving outcomes, quality of life, future treatments and care

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View trials that match your preferences

Through research, experience and innovation, the CardioTrials digital platform uses your patient profile to match you with relevant trials to aid medical research. We only show you the ones that you’re eligible for.

You can search for trials by location too - that way, you’re not finding the ideal trial that’s hundreds of miles away. Simply use the map to navigate around your local area and see what options are available to you.

Each trial has a full description of what you can expect, the trial type, start and end dates and much more useful information. The importance of an accurate and detailed description is imperative. Patients should always feel fully in control and comfortable with what they’re potentially opting in for.

Apply for a trial with the click of a button

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with a trial and feel it’s for you, it couldn’t be easier to apply and register your interest. At this stage, you’ll be introduced to a single researcher who’ll guide you through the process and be there to alleviate any worries, plus, answer any questions or queries you may have.

Personal interaction is key to forming a strong, trusting relationship. So, from this point onwards, you’ll always have a point of contact that ensures you remain comfortable and completely in control of your journey. Having a point of contact ensures clarity and transparency every step of the way.

You are always in control of who you share your data with and who can access it - this means that you have the right to withdraw at any time should you change your mind. All of your applications are easily managed and are housed underneath the “My Applications” tab for ease and convenience.

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You are in safe hands

Before researchers can create an account and publish their trials across our platform, we carry out thorough background checks. That way, you can be sure that whoever you contact within the platform is fully credible and trustworthy. You can have total peace of mind when browsing the relevant clinical trials - again, we prioritise your comfort and control at all times.

In line with government legislation, we adhere to all GDPR, consent and ethics regulations and industry standards in everything that we do.

Our digital platform was developed with insights from doctors, nurses, patients and researchers. We’ve covered all bases with the platform and have ensured ease of use and a successful process is established for all users.

For Research Teams

Research teams can use the CardioTrials digital platform to build awareness of their trials and associated trial sites. Researchers are always looking for people to take part in their research and CardioTrials builds awareness of their trials.

Researchers benefit from increased recruitment within the platform. Of course, they’re reaching out to more people in one place, so the number of patients getting involved with relevant medical research is bound to increase. It’s an effective additional avenue for researchers to recruit patients.

Researchers can network with healthcare professionals much more easily within the platform. From there, they can both work together to raise general awareness and visibility of the variety of trials that are available for patient participation.

For Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are able to create an account to allow for a general overview of the trials that are on offer. From there, they can increase their knowledge around the scope of trials offered and perhaps inform their patients which trials may be applicable to them.

Upon finding an area of interest, healthcare professionals can reach out to researchers to gain more information on a certain trial area. Once the information is obtained, they can then securely relay this information to their relevant patients.


Who can use CardioTrials?

Currently, we are only actively offering patients who are residents of the United Kingdom and who have a diagnosis of heart failure to apply for research based in the United Kingdom. At CardioTrials we are also interested in signing up patients who have an interest in cardiovascular trials. We will update you when we start recruiting for other cardiovascular trials in other countries and regions of the world.

Do you send out a regular list of trials that I can apply for?

CardioTrials works by matching your profile and preferences. When you log in you will be presented with a list of trials which you may be suitable for. You can also search the map and change your preferences to find other trials.

Will I get paid for participation in clinical trials?

This is down to the individual trial. Many trials pay out of pocket expenses but please check the trial information available on our platform.

What sort of people are trials looking for?

At the moment, we are only actively offering patients who are residents of the United Kingdom and who have a diagnosis of heart failure to apply for research based in the United Kingdom. At CardioTrials we are also interested in signing up patients who have an interest in cardiovascular trials. We will update you when we start recruiting for other cardiovascular trials in other countries and regions of the world. Trials on CardioTrials are vetted to ensure they have passed rigorous compliance and ethical standards.

Does registering with CardioTrials mean I will definitely be able to take part in a trial?

We cannot guarantee you will be eligible to be involved in trial. What CardioTrials does is to enable you to see sight of potentially eligible trials. Acceptance on trial is authorised by the research team who are running the trial.

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